Raymond Vocational Secondary School was established in 2015 to build upon the successes of Fr. Alex You Memorial and to absorb pupils from other primary schools in the surrounding areas.
The school offers Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) curriculum leading to O’ level Certificate and vocational training leading to DIT Certificate which is attained after senior three.


A school of academic excellence and skill development preparing young and adults to be useful citizens and to live a fulfilled life.


To impart relevant knowledge, skills, and educational experience to formal and non-formal students.

Study Model

Raymond Vocational Secondary School offers a unique curriculum with both the normal Secondary School syllabus leading to O’ level school Certificate and vocational subjects (agriculture, computer, carpentry and joinery, tailoring, hair dressing, building and concrete practice). A student is required to select one vocational subject in senior one and at the end of senior three he/she does a Directorate of Industrial Training examination and gets a certificate; if he/she passes. Thus every student completes his/her O’ level with a skill and two certificates one of which is a vocational one and other is UNEB O’level Certificate.